Month: September 2016

Lake Dumrea festival

The first festival in Belsh took place at the main Belsh lake. The festival lasted for two days. It began from 5pm until 9pm. There were mc announcers, cameramen, news reporters, audiences, and dancers from different parts of Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Montenegro. It was one of the most exciting moments happened in my service in Belsh. I also worked there as the unofficial Belsh community photographer. I integrated a lot and became acquaintance with the police officer, and some major media staff from Tirana.

Albanian words of the day:

i/e ngatrestar/e – bossy

i/e kureshtar/e – nosey

koprrac – stingy

Sa më shumë aq më mirë – The more the merrier


European Day of Languages in Belsh

Today is European Day of Languages. It is a celebration created by European Union and European Council. On this day, September 26, is to promote language learning across Europe. People take part to share their language and culture. I made a PowerPoint presentation about this and taught them a few basic phrases in Russian, German, and French. It was followed by a video of different speakers saying “Thank You” in 31 languages. Students enjoyed hearing different languages and repeating after the speaker.


Albanian word of they day:

besim ne vetveten – self-confident

English class moved!

My English class got removed to a bigger classroom. It has more space to move around and brighter. I feel good about it. Today, we had our first unit with a powerpoint, using a projector. It’s something new and hopefully this will give a better learning experience. I was presenting the class about Teen fashion trends.

I have more classes to teach…so that means more work! I could work on a few selected days but I like to keep myself busy all the time. Volunteers are only allowed to work 15-20 hours. I choose to work more just to get through the day.

shatush – bleached hair

e pe? – did you see it?

i/e pabusk/e – ratchet – (used as an offensive term)

Death Metal show

I went to a death metal show and took pictures. Frisson from Kosovo and Aten from Tirana performed at the venue called Ulknir. I was excited to be at the mosh-pit. Girls don’t mosh pit, which is a pity. I was the only girl in the pit. I had a few bruises and a swollen lip. My body is still sore but it is worth it! It’s not everyday we get to see a metal show in Albania, or especially in Tirana.

There’s me behind the speakers. Threw out peace sign.

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The bubble blower

Before class started, bubbles were blown at the students while walking to their homeroom. It was with hope that it will bring them joy and happiness throughout their day but the vice-principal asked to stop. Students enjoyed the bubbles. In my personal classroom, bubbles were blown again as students sat in their chairs. They laughed and smile, and tried to pop them all. Many said “Sa bukur!” as they were watching the blower blowing the bubbles. The bubble blower was me. I told them the bubbles are for fun and for good luck.

fluska – bubbles

fat – luck

qejf – fun