Dorina’s Wedding

I attended a wedding that my former student invited me to. There were two parts to this event on that day. It was an interesting experience and I took a lot of pictures.

In the morning, the bride gets up and get ready for her second big day of her wedding. The first wedding was the bride’s wedding, but this time, as I’m writing this, will be the groom’s wedding. I was lucky enough to catch one of the couple’s weddings. This first  part, the groom is coming to her house with his relatives to come get her with several cars, at least 3. It’s a tradition. Loud traditional music was blaring in the building and people were circle-dancing.

People from different parts of the neighborhood showed up to see the bride. Of course, curious eyes were on me. So I put myself out there and integrated mostly with the elders to ease awkward tensions. One of the bridesmaids invited me up to the bride’s room to take pictures. At that moment, I was nervous at how big and beautiful her dress was.


Her grandma was looking at me, so I walked up to her and showed her the picture of her granddaughter getting married. She was pleased to meet me.

When the bride started walking down the stairs, she was supported by her brother and her uncle because her dress was too big to move.


She had her female friend to help carry the big long train on the back of her gown. It was insane. She was also crying…with happiness and people around her were dancing and clapping for her, congratulating and such.


They finally got inside the car of the groom and started honking around town, letting everyone know they’re married.


Now, the second part of the event. Late at night, the wedding party started at 11pm. I don’t know why Albanians start their wedding late. When I got there, alone, all eyes were on me as if they’ve never seen a unicorn before. Of course, everyone automatically assume I was chinese. I thought to myself, what did I put myself into?! But I’m a badass honey badger so I don’t give a sh!t. Luckily, my friend stood up to catch my attention and I felt relief. We exchanged hugs and I ended up sitting at her table.

The wedding was loud and fun. There were food, dance, music, and people. The wedding lasted up to 3:30am. This will be the last time that I will attend an Albanian wedding.

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