My happy photography

My photography is starting to get recognition and credit for different events. I felt a sense of accomplishment for helping out in such events like concert shows and weddings.

Alex Kelman played at Destil Hostel. They came from Siberia, Russia. Their style is indielectro pop, just to get an idea. I enjoyed their music and chatted with them. I spoke some Russian with them as well. It was great! I showed them some pictures of their performance and they thought it was cool and decent. Also, the receptionist at the hostel was happy that someone took decent pictures of the show that she decided to put them up on their Facebook!

Another event was a wedding in Belsh. I posted a few pictures on the community Belsh Facebook and it went sky rocket. Many people liked my pictures. I had several knocks on my door in the evening if they could get a photo copy of my photo. I was annoyed because it was unexpected and wondered why would someone knock on my door when the sky is dark?! But they loved my wedding photos! Yay

Albanian for the day:

Tamam (this is a Turkish word but commonly used in Albania)- exactly

Or mik!  -Hey friend!

e lodhshme – tiring

Punë të mbarë – Have a good day (at work)!

  • Response to this is “Mbarë paç

Dal me sukses! – Go with success!

Bie brenda – Fall in love

I bie nuri – You look nice (in general)

Të kanë rënë nuri sot – You look nice today (to a person)

nejse – anyways….

Ble WiFi-n tënd – Buy your own Wifi (Get your own Wifi)

kërcënoj – to threat

Je çmedur?! – Are you crazy?

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