Reflection: First day of school

I have more classes to teach, that means more work. Luckily, I have a strong counterpart to help me.

For some classes, students were happy to see me. I was pleased to see them. It made me happy. I asked students what they did over the summer and reviewed their alphabets. Many students forgot to speak English or they’re shy. There was another group of class that I haven’t worked with, so we played Monsters, Inc on their first day of class. From what I was told, they are weak because their previous English teacher wasn’t effective.

I decorated the front door. Nice and glittery. A little ghetto but I want to make it look welcoming.


Before students enter the school, the school director made a welcoming announcement.

One of my student offered me a Turkish Delight or lokum. She walked around a paper plate of lokum and giving them to students and staff around school. This shows that she is engaged. Lokum is made out of gel and starch, with flavors including orange, rosewater, and lemon. The confection is so sticky that it must be powdered.

During lunch break, I walked outside and saw the road is currently under construction. I  crossed a wooden bridge to enter a business facility because there’s a dirt pit. I thought it was stable.




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