Death Metal show

I went to a death metal show and took pictures. Frisson from Kosovo and Aten from Tirana performed at the venue called Ulknir. I was excited to be at the mosh-pit. Girls don’t mosh pit, which is a pity. I was the only girl in the pit. I had a few bruises and a swollen lip. My body is still sore but it is worth it! It’s not everyday we get to see a metal show in Albania, or especially in Tirana.

There’s me behind the speakers. Threw out peace sign.


The venue was at an old abandoned building, a little further away from the city center.  It was perfect for types of bands like this, and also it was thundering. Good timing. It really gave me the atmosphere that I was actually at a death metal show. Surprisingly, there were a lot of metal heads. A lot of head-bangers. Girls can head bang, but they don’t mosh pit.

I got asked for a picture. It seems that I integrated right in with metal head cuns. Of course, I impressed them with my Albanian. 😛 Also, I wore a Manson shirt, in that posh-pit pic.

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