Classroom update

October has arrived so I changed some things for the classroom.

I made this cute October sign with a ghost flying into the first O.


I don’t have a budget to buy a nice bookshelf so I bought vegetable baskets for 500 new leke. I filled it up with books from Darian Book Aid. I’m just starting a little library in the English classroom, Belsh Book Club. I hope students check-out some books soon!


It’s been a long day for the students at school. I got them to watch PPAP music video to get them to wake up and be entertained a little bit. I asked them to dance but many were shy. I managed to get them to stand up while laughing at my goofy performance. PPAP is Pen-Pineapple Apple-Pen and is a Japanese internet sensation from Japan. The tune is catchy and silly, and the guy in the video is amusing to watch with yellow and black outfit on, with a weird thin mustache. His moves were so cheesy and a bit ridiculous but fun to watch.


Albanian phrase of the day

Nuk jam e kënaqur – I am not satisfied.

Si përfundim – In conclusion

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