The bread making experience/Starting of Halloween door design

I had the opportunity to watch shop owners bake bread by using baking machines, big mixers, and different process on how it’s made. They start baking early in the morning, around 4-5 am, but I was lucky enough to watch another process before I walk to work. It was interesting and fun to watch. I thanked the shop owner.


It starts off with kneading with several kilos of flour, water, and salt. Then mixing for 20 minutes or so. This is before the dough.


Doughs were put into the pan and moved to a big ventilation machine that makes it puffy before it goes to the oven.


A cart full of trays of bread, ready to be put inside the oven to bake for its final product.


A closer look.


Doughs of bread before it got put inside the oven.


Criss-crossing each dough before baking.


Then the final product! The after baking!

After that, while I was walking to work, a group of ducklings were standing on the white board, huddled up and chilled. It was adorable.


During class, I started tracing pictures of bat shapes and making paper spiders for this Halloween. I want to give the school some Halloween spirit by decorating the doors for some classes. The students like the idea which made me feel excited and motivated because they want something different in their school.

Albanian of the day:

fokë – seal

dosje – paper folder

mbijetoj – to survive


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