The little girl in the furgon

I was in a furgon heading home. There was a seat in front of me, sat by a little girl. She could be 3 or 4 years old, but she was adorable. She had short blonde hair and dressed in pink. Generally, I don’t play with kids but this girl was staring at me. I smiled at her and she smiled back. I gave her my hand and she grabbed it and we both shook hands. Then, I started to play peek-a-boo, giving high fives, making silly faces, and pretending to grab her from my seat. All of those games, she laughed a lot. Then I started to mirror her for whatever she was doing, like pushing her hair back, touching her face, I reflected that back to her. She finally noticed it and laughed. It fascinated me that such simple act like this could make a child laugh. She didn’t judge me by my look, and maybe she’s unaware of who I am. We didn’t talk until it was time for her to get off the furgon. When we parted, she said “Bye bye!” and I said bye to her back, then she waved farewell at me from outside. It nearly impressed me that she spoke English! What a sweet little girl!

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