This was the first Trick-Or-Treat event for the students at Sami Frasher High School. They were excited, crazy, and out of control! They thanked me for the fun experience and I thanked them for participating. For me, I was stressed and tired by the end of the day because I had to tell these students to stay calm in the hallway and made sure they were going to the right classroom. Sometimes they were rebellious and walked away but I made sure they were kept in line. We started off really loud, because why not? Trick or Treating is suppose to be fun and obnoxious! But the vice-principal spotted us and said we should do this after school because the kids were being loud. With my broken Albanian, I tried to explain our process but she gave up and let us continue.

There were problems with the school staff. They found this to be very annoying because the students were being rambunctious, and no matter how hard I try to get them to remain calm, they just couldn’t! Some of the teachers really enjoyed it and supported me while the others told me that they should do this after lesson. Sorry but not sorry, I won’t be doing this after lesson because everyone will be going home by the time all lessons are finished. My counterpart helped me out and let the staff understand that this was part of our lesson and students should experience this. It is not every year that they can go Trick-Or-Treating. Our school director felt really appreciated for what I did for the students. He was truly pleased despite the students being loud.

How did I coordinate this? For each class that I taught English with, I picked one trusting student a bag of candies. I instructed the student carefully in Albanian, to give each trick-or-treaters one candy per student. For the trick-or-treaters, I told them to knock on the door and not to open it but wait for a student from the other end to open. When the door is open, they should shout out “TRICK OR TREAT!!!” Most followed my instruction while the others were terribly wacky and did not pay enough attention.

All in all, I thought this was fun and worth it. All the pocket money spending and annoyance of getting these students to follow the rule, I don’t regret it and I’m not sorry for the teachers who take their job so seriously. This is 2016 and it’s time to open up to new and different culture. I want students to have a fun and new experience because it’s not every year they can do to this. This is something that they can share to their friends and family and keeping such fun memories from their school…until my service end.

I mainly do this for the kids who lives in villages and especially for the girls who are not allowed to go out at night. Girls deserve to have fun just as much as boys do, so I know this is the only opportunity for them and one shot at creating this experience myself!

….and Happy Halloween!

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