Month: November 2016

Yay for integration


I decided to integrate and made some new friends with grandmas. I met a nice lady who made a beautiful and elegant looking traditional costume. I asked if I could take a photo of it. Her name was Bukuria. She has such a big heart and so welcoming. I quickly became fascinated by her. Later on, there were more older women who I quickly built a rapport with. I’m trying to build my integration and listening skills. I was offered coffee and a potential husband but I kindly refused. I have no time for settling down. I was asked when I will get married and have kids. That is something that I have yet thought about.

Say “No” to violence!

The school had a class discussion about domestic violence. Each class talks about this sensitive topic and to be aware of this problem if violence occurs at home. What should we do when violence happen? It is best to report, let someone you trust know, and get support!

Students standing on the stairs at the front of the school held up posters regarding to “No” to violence.


Mini project: I am thankful for…

I made a mini Thanksgiving project with a help from my counterpart. I used posters, glue, and post-it notes. I want my students to get involve with this project by writing down their thoughts on the post-it notes. Everyone is different and unique so I want them to contribute their thoughts. I want them to feel inclusive and valued because it is important for them to feel like they belong in this. Without them, this would not have happened. It’s a beautiful team work! I asked them to think about what they are thankful for and why. Of course the project must be written in English! Many post-it notes have mistakes and some struggle to write anything in English. However, they’re still fun and cute to look at.

Name-blind grading

When I grade tests, I avoid looking at students’ names no matter if they’re the best or not. I grade them fair and square.

First, I avoid looking at the names. Then I start going through each questions and mark the ones with incorrect answer. Then, I count all the questions that they got right and write down the grade that they earned at the corner of the front page. Finally, when it’s time to pass out all the graded tests, I still avoid looking at names. At this point, I hand the stack of graded tests to my counterpart. One time I looked at a student’s test while grading just out of curiosity. It quickly changed my opinion about grading this particular test but I continue to stand with my fairness by grading fairly.

Students will see the grades they earned. Not many were happy. Sorry but not sorry! I’m only being fair. From what I was told, some teachers look at the name of each students’ tests and they just mark the grade without correcting them. Some teachers favor some students (they get the best mark) and the students  (who they don’t favor) gets the lowest mark. I think that is corrupted and unfair because what if that “least favorite” student is actually smart and answered all the test questions correctly? If not, then what is their bias based on? Their looks? Behavior? Get bribe from parents? This is why I name-blind grade students’ tests because it’s only fair and I am a teacher. When I told my student this, she said that is the fairest thing she has ever heard and that she accepts the grade she deserve. I am not a friend in school ground. Outside of school, then I am a friend.

As for cheating on tests, I take that seriously. It’s a do-over or immediate FAIL. I am not a friend during test session. My eyes burns red.

Belsh construction extravaganza!!!

People thought it was unusual for me to take photos of construction. I don’t know if they mind, but this fascinates me. A little girl complained to her friend that it is not beautiful to take photos of construction because she was saying a lot of D’s. It’s dusty, dirty, and disinterested. Well little girl….you are not me and I am not you. Now go home and eat your pilaf.

If you have been to Belsh before and remember what it looked like, then this entry will be of interest to you.

This morning, construction workers were carefully smoothing the cement while the other lead the hose while dropping cement on the ground to get smoothed later.

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Public properties damaged!

Not many respect public properties. This is an example of why we can’t have nice things! A religious organization was generous to renovate all school doors. After a year, trouble makers damaged doorknobs! Do parents taught their children to be respectful to other people’s properties? Are they aware of these situation? Will this ever be learned?

I decorated a few doors with Halloween designs for the school last month. Students loved them but these designs on their doors don’t last because there’s always naughty kids that will destroy them.

Aside from being destroyed, let’s learn some albanian.

shigjet – arrow

Libri i Hijeve – The book of shadows

iniciale – initial