Field Trip around Dumrea

Dumrea is a region where Belsh is located at.

Some students were chosen to go on a field trip with three professors from Tirana University. Their field is in agriculture and their purpose is to promote agriculture-tourism. The professors shared their experience as a farmer and show the students around the region. As they are retired from farming, they are hoping that young students would find interest in doing farm work to continue producing goods in the coming years. Our furgon driver took us to several places around Dumrea and pointed out some rich resources that the region has to offer. We went to see different lakes and a farm where things were produced.

There are so much green and lush in the outskirts of Belsh, and they are usually villages. The fields are wide and open that awed me every time I pass through it. There are many resources that people can grow fruits, vegetables, make tobacco, oil, and more. I have seen farmers out working in the fields, making a living. Farming is hard work. Even though the drive was scenic and beautiful, living there can be difficult but somebody’s gotta do it!

I thought the trip gave good insights about agriculture, even though it’s presented in albanian language. Luckily, the professors spoke English to explain to me! Best of all…free lunch in the end!

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