New elect-president

It was an unexpected victory that Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States. I have always thought Hillary Clinton was going to win with all the cheering, strong supporters, and all that hype. What a twist! People all over Facebook were panicking and pushing every American citizens to get out and vote. Finally, they got their result and started mourning the next day.

Bad weather approached on Tuesday (Albanian time) so school got cancelled early and then the next. This gave me time to stay up all night to watch the live election and sleep-in all morning. Albania is a few hours ahead from America, that’s why I stayed up all night.

What do I think about Donald Trump as the new U.S. elect-president? Well, it didn’t hit me or bother me so much….yet. I understand it is scary and terrifying that people believe that we are about to go into regression, but part of me hope that bad things will never happen to LGBT, women, minorities, and such. That’s just wishful thinking. I have already read people from their status that there were idiots shouting out “WHITE POWER!”. Not surprising. We’re going back to the old days. This is 2016!

Anyways, let me teach you some Albanian!

Mos më humb kohë – Don’t waste my time

Zhduku çun mamaje! – Go away mama’s boy!

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