This is Belsh at sunset. Most buildings are demolished and walls are slowly being built.

Belsh is still going through construction. Most buildings are gone, but there’s only one standing up. The restaurant where PCVs used to eat during lunch is still up but empty. If you were a trainee there, you would remember this so well. Remember those coffee shops along the lake next to that restaurant? Yeah, they’re all gone. A lot of them got relocated so don’t worry if you plan to visit. As for the future trainees after group 19, it is now a legend and you will see the new Belsh when I’m gone.



Here’s the main road intersect with the other road. Look familiar?


This was where the furgon station used to be at. Now it is under construction and the roads are being fixed.


The residential side with the lake.

Albanian of the day:

vërdallosem – to hang around

ule xhamin – roll down the window (useful if taking the furgon)

se kam bërë – I haven’t done it (if students haven’t done their homework, they normally say this)

komandohet – remote control

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