The Bob Ross of Belsh


Attention all art lovers!

A Belshi artist recently rented out a space to show and sell his artwork. It is called “Zekthi Art Studio” and his name is Arsen. You can kinda see some art from this image but I don’t want to spoil your travel if you do plan to visit Belsh. They are beautiful and colorful that I think it is better to see the works in person. I truly appreciate what he did to the community because we need more people like Arsen to give Belsh more culture. He is the first to stand out from the norm and presenting his artwork. I believe this will bring new inspirations to many talented people in Belsh by standing out and get recognized. This is fresh and new while the town is going through big changes at the moment. To visit, it is literally across from the Belsh City Hall (bashkia) and Supermarket Zekthi.

If you do plan to visit but don’t speak albanian, not to worry, Arsen the Artist speaks English!

To find out more information, check out his Facebook page: Arsen Zekthi “ART”

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