Belsh construction extravaganza!!!

People thought it was unusual for me to take photos of construction. I don’t know if they mind, but this fascinates me. A little girl complained to her friend that it is not beautiful to take photos of construction because she was saying a lot of D’s. It’s dusty, dirty, and disinterested. Well little girl….you are not me and I am not you. Now go home and eat your pilaf.

If you have been to Belsh before and remember what it looked like, then this entry will be of interest to you.

This morning, construction workers were carefully smoothing the cement while the other lead the hose while dropping cement on the ground to get smoothed later.


A closer look. The workers (…and people around) thought I was unusual for taking photos of construction. I don’t think they mind because one of them waved at me with his thumb up.


A zooming out of the spot. As you can see here, the pastry/ice-cream shop in the middle of the picture are getting the front built.


Meanwhile, other parts of the main road, scaffolding and workers were seen here. These stores are mobile shop and coffee shops.


From the other part of the lake, more barriers are being built.



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