Put shoes out! and X-mas door decoration

At Sami Frasheri high school, we did a fun activity for Saint Nicholas Day. Students were asked to take one of their shoe off and placed them outside the hallway. I explained that Santa Claus will put something in their shoes. At first, students were reluctant because of the odor and the dirt on the cement floor. I had to get my counterpart to persuade them to participate. Personally, I thought this was a quick and fun thing to do and I wanted everyone to take part of this.  This is something they can talk about to their friends and family at home. The students were persuaded and handed me their shoes to put outside the classroom. I told the students that I’m done for the day and going to Elbasan. Really though, I was putting some candies and stickers inside their shoes. There was a random student in the hallway to do the job for me while I captured some shots.

When I entered the classroom, I told everyone “Nevermind! It’s too cold to go to Elbasan.” So I sat back down to correct some papers. Students were staring at me with amusement. A few seconds later, I opened the door and looked at the shoes. I extended my arms towards the shoes with excitement “OH LOOK! PRESENTS!!!”. I was being a dork. Students looked at me and laugh because they know I was being ridiculous. I told them to grab their shoes as they started hopping with one foot to the hallway. As students were grabbing their shoe, they found Dr. Milk candies and some Christmas stickers inside. They laughed and giggled. It was the feeling of enjoyment and glad they participated this.

Today, I decorated my classroom door with Christmas theme. I received compliments that they were beautiful and I did a good job. I wanted to keep the Thanksgiving posters on there for students to read other students’ post.


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