QTO shopping center in Elbasan


For those who see this building a lot, and wondering what it is, it is a shopping center. It is easily accessible by bus. The bus will wait to load people and will transport everyone there within 5-10 minutes. The bus ride is free! It will drop you off at the shopping center and when you are finished shopping, you can get back in the bus where you got dropped off. You could walk to the center of Elbasan, which takes about 30-40 minutes.  Here, I will show pictures of what the bus looks like and how to get to the bus.

Here is the design of the bus “QTO”. It is located on the street full of open market with fruits and clothing.


Here is a photo of the things to look out for. Walk the opposite way from the Elbasan Clock Tower, walk through the park, carefully cross the street, passing the roundabout, and you’ll see the big long road full of random open shops (fruits, clothing, housewares, ORTI market, office buildings on the right hand side). The QTO bus is not far from the roundabout…in fact, it’s RIGHT in front of it.

What’s in QTO? It’s a 4-story building with GALA retail stores. There are various shoe shops, electronic shop, clothes and accessories shops, pizza restaurant, cafe and bar, a supermarket, and an ORTI park that I’m not sure if it’s allowed to walk in.


I find this Winnie the Pooh sign amusing because it’s incorrect. I think whoever made this was confused. The word for “dhe” in Albanian means “and”. So when the person who made this was thinking it’s Winnie & Pooh.



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