New Year in Tirana

For New Year’s, I went to Tirana and watched fireworks at Mother Teresa Square. People were already exploding some fireworks. I heard bombs from every direction. I felt unsafe because it was like a war zone. What was I thinking? If I have to rate my experience there, it would be low, down at the bottom, for people misusing the fireworks. Fireworks should not be sold to children. This is a problem…there’s no enforcement for that.

I went with friends from the hostel. They came from Germany, France, Algeria, Italy, Macedonia, and with a few PCVs. It was a fun mix of people!

When we got to Mother Teresa Square near midnight, there was a concert playing with Xhensila and Noizy. It was packed with people and new reporters. There were a few cuns rolling firecrackers under vehicles, thinking that it will explode. There were some who threw it to the crowd. I was not happy and cursed out loud at them, that they might have heard me. I doubt they understood but I wish bad karma will come to them. Many kids misused the fireworks and aimed improperly because they could hit people. Sparks landed on me but luckily I had my jacket on.

When countdown hits, fireworks exploded everywhere. They also played Katy Perry – Firework. It was fun and interesting to watch but dangerous at the same time because I could get aimed and injured by idiots. Luckily I survived! I’m living dangerously.

In the afternoon, I was still in Tirana. I returned to Mother Teresa Square to see the remaining of the event. Christmas Tree was still there and building cabins of Christmas Markets, with a few people walking around. I was already harassed with racial comments from left and right. What a stupid way to start the new year, but I don’t let it bother me.



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