Ristorante Benvenuto (Elbasan)

You are hungry for seafood pasta and have an hour break. Where do you want to eat?

There are three Italian restaurants in Elbasan but I am going to mention one that is somewhat hidden. It is called Ristorante Benvenuto. Assume you are somewhat familiar with the Elbasan area. I will post some pictures of a few spot that will help locate this restaurant.


What’s so special about this restaurant? It serves pasta with seafood, but I like the 4 cheese pasta, not really a seafood eater. I also like their salad bar because it has a lot of selection that I enjoy eating. It’s 200 leke for a plate so I usually stack up as much as I can, also a healthy appetizer! It is a good place for special occasion or if you’re hungry for some pasta. Prices are reasonable.

How to get there?


First, look for these white arches roundabout. This is near the furgon station to Cerme, Peqin, and Durres. See the building in the left? That’s where the furgon station is, so look across of the street, there is a gas station, Alpet. Walk to there.


But if for some odd reason can’t find the gas station, then look for “Ada Klinike Dentare”.


Right next to Ada is “Eurosig”, then there is the Alpet gas station. Just turn left on that corner and walk a few steps, maybe 5-10 steps, on the left is the restaurant!

The server will open the door and welcomes you as you enter and exit when finished. Worth giving the server some tip for good service.

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