Surviving the winter monster

The lowest temperature is in the negatives. -9c!

There’s a problem with a few places here in Belsh…and that’s frozen water in faucets! I never thought I would be a victim to this sort of thing. Luckily, I have tons of back up bottled water that I filled up last summer in case I encounter non-running water again. On top of that, there’s no school for another next week! Cold weather and the spread of flu virus is on the loose! I’ll be off school for at least three weeks! That’s great for me!!!! More online courses!

I think of different ways to stay warm. I don’t have a wood stove but I have a heater. I try not to use it because I’m stingy.

How to survive winter (if you’re in my situation):

  1. If possessed a sleeping bag, use it. Also…layer up! Wear socks!
  2. If stingy like me and try to save electricity bill, boil hot water and fill it up in bottles but re-boil water when it gets warm to room temperature. I recommend investing an electric water kettle.
  3. After taking a hot shower, and want hot air blowing (I’m sure the bathroom will stay moist and warm for a bit), plug a hair blow dryer. Blow drying hair is nice. The body will stay warm for a while after a nice hot shower. This only works when there’s no frozen faucets but still freezing outside.
  4. Think of some way to plant a wind-block for doors and windows. Use drapes to cover up windows and doors from cold draft seeping into warm room. In my situation, the lazy way, I’m using my clothes to close the gap on the bottom of doors, to prevent cold chills entering my fortress. Those are uninvited guests and not welcome!
  5. If your albanian friends have a wood stove, go over to their house and warm up! Hang out and practice albanian!

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