The cold never bothered me anyway

Temperature drops below zero at night and pipes will freeze up again, preventing water from running normally. I let the faucet drip and fill up an empty bottle. I don’t like wasting water.

In the morning, I walked outside in search for running water to fill up my water bottles. I went to a lokal to get some lemon tea while I get water from the business restroom but they don’t have water to serve tea. So it seems that water is frozen throughout the town. I went to the store and noticed that people are purchasing water like crazy. The store was selling water like hot cakes! I head back to get water running without success. Later on at noon, water began to drip slowly as the day warms up for a few hours. First thing I did was laundry.

What confused me were cars honking, letting the town knows that someone got married. Why do you want to get married in a freezing weather when there’s no water running? Weather is not an excuse for them.

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