A day in the life of Belsh

Most cities in Albania are facing problems, freezing weather and NO WATER. It’s been three days and people are just getting water from any resources! Hygiene is starting to become a problem for some people…like me.

Particularly in Belsh, there are people carrying two buckets of water from the lake and I know the main lake is dirty and polluted. However it’s used for flushing toilet, not out of desperation that even I wouldn’t advise this on my enemies.


I decided to get some water from the fountain that’s further away from my flat. I grabbed the biggest bottle and walked to the faucet. When I got there, people were waiting to get their bottles and tanks filled up. I wonder if I will get water because people kept trying to get in front of each other….remember, Albanians don’t queue!


This is frost along the hilly part.

Luckily, I had a student, Francesska, who I taught English last year was there. I chatted with her and she was kind enough to let me get in front of her because I only bought one big plastic bottle. Even though I had to wait about 30 mins to get water, I enjoyed catching up with her.


On my way back, the Christmas tree is slowly taken down.


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