Month: February 2017

Skittles in class

I gave some Skittles to my students. The purpose is to share different kinds of American candies so they know what candies Americans like. They liked it so much that they asked for more. Skittles are popular among Americans so it’s appropriate to share. I also asked them to recall their fruit vocabularies based on what flavors they have tried.



Good lunch in Belsh

During lunch time, fasule (bean soup with meat) is served for 200 leke at Restorant Hysa. It also comes with pickled cabbage and pepper, and some slices of bread to soak the juice. It’s the best there is in Belsh! They also serve good Pilaf in the morning for breakfast!


Introducing Asian oil to Albanians

I introduced this popular solution to all Asian sickness to my Albanian students. I’m sure most Asians uses green oil for their symptoms. I use this to relieve headaches and stuffy nose. I walked around the classroom and asked my students to smell this. Some backed out because the strong minty scent, while others wanted to put some on their wrist so they could sniff it. Surprisingly, most of the students liked it!


Albanian of the day:

bllokoj – to block

nenexhik is the plant, the smell of the plant is mente, which is mint.

gëzohem – There are a few meanings. One meaning means “Pleased to meet you” and it also means “I’m Happy”.

molë – moth

mollë – apple

zvarritem – to crawl

furrtare/buburrec – cockroach

New chairs and tables!!!!

My second counterpart bought new tables and chairs for the computer classroom and the English classroom. They were so happy and grateful that I helped them in getting the Peace Corps grant. I feel like I can finally close this chapter and move on. I achieved something great for the school. Students were happy and comfortable with the new class furniture. My counterpart said she will remember me every time she looks at them.

Here are the photos from the English classroom:

Photos from Computer Lab


Byrek Me Aydah part NJEZET

I made Rice Krispies treats for my wonderful Albanian friends. They actually liked it and want to learn to make this. It’s tricky to get Marshmallows here in Albania but it can be done. Marshmallows is not known in Albania unfortunately.

As we Americans know that we loved eating this as a kid. They were my school lunch snacks and after school snacks favorite.

Rice Krispy in Albanian is Oriz kërcitës