Closing of Service conference

All volunteers in my group met up at Pogradec for a final conference with the Peace Corps staff. We covered discussions about readjustments, reverse culture shock, reflecting our two years service, and such.

On the second-day of conference, everyone painted their canvas of their site. Moments like this was special.


Towards the end of the third-day conference, two volunteers presented a video clip of pictures from different volunteers who sent their pictures of their service.  After that, everyone said their final good-byes, hugs, and group pictures. It was the most emotional moment ever. It’s surreal that two years flew by so fast.

Looking back into my service, there were beautiful times and terrible times. I learned a lot about myself, learned new skills, met lots of people, and traveled. I’ve made bad choices and ponder about life. It was frightening. It was mind blown. This is the kind of experience that no one can relate unless they’re Returned Peace Corps Volunteer.

My final chapter is finally coming to an end.

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