Introducing Asian oil to Albanians

I introduced this popular solution to all Asian sickness to my Albanian students. I’m sure most Asians uses green oil for their symptoms. I use this to relieve headaches and stuffy nose. I walked around the classroom and asked my students to smell this. Some backed out because the strong minty scent, while others wanted to put some on their wrist so they could sniff it. Surprisingly, most of the students liked it!


Albanian of the day:

bllokoj – to block

nenexhik is the plant, the smell of the plant is mente, which is mint.

gëzohem – There are a few meanings. One meaning means “Pleased to meet you” and it also means “I’m Happy”.

molë – moth

mollë – apple

zvarritem – to crawl

furrtare/buburrec – cockroach

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