Gëzuar 7 Marsin


Happy Teacher’s Day! or Happy March 7!

This is a special day for all teachers in Albania so there was no lesson. Teachers were given flowers and gifts by students, but I mainly NEEDED chocolates. Emphasized on NEEDED. Luckily I didn’t receive any flowers otherwise I would have tossed them in the trash. Smart students! 

When I entered the school campus, there were lots of students with mimosas and kiosks selling them.

So how was this celebrated? Students wore fancy clothes and carried flowers and gifts to school. They gave flowers to their teachers in their home classroom.


Another way to celebrate is when a teacher shows up to his/her home classroom, opens the door, students shout with glee when the teacher enters by surprise with lots of flowers waving and students shooting confettis or snow spraying everywhere.

Students made a banner for their teacher too!


After that, the teachers left for a special party while students either go home or hang at the club. At the primary school, there was an outdoor concert. I took the opportunity to take photos of students’ performance. Many sang, danced, and recited poems.

While a student was singing, tears started running down his cheek. It was the most emotional thing that happened. More students started tearing up because they appreciated their teachers very much!


When students saw me with my fancy camera, many asked me to take their photos left and right. The concert was interrupted by rain so I don’t know what happened after that.

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