Nevruz: Lekë from my byrek

The highlight of my night was picking the byrek with the lekë. It is a tradition that one who picks the byrek with a coin inside will be lucky for a year. LUCKILY, I was lucky to get my coin.


My friend invited me to her house and to let me experience Nevruz with her and her family. I was ecstatic and her family was super nice and excited to meet an American, me. Her family was AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! I LOVE HER MOM!

Not for the blood fans! The way the tradition go… the turkey’s head was chopped off. My friend’s dad did that part. The blood running from the neck is then poured into a cup.


Then get a brush or something to paint with on trees around the yard. Just a mark of blood on the trees.

Then my friend walked to her beautiful private garden, grabbed a few herbs and prepared byrek.


She took a coin, wrapped it in aluminum foil and then put it under the byrek when it’s not baked yet.


When dinner is served, byrek is included with the meal. Each family member picked out a slice and opened up the byrek to see if there’s a coin underneath it. Luckily, I picked the one with the coin. Never in a million years will I ever win an awesome prize in my lifetime.


Ecstatic and excitement got me. Once the coin was obtained, it is also a tradition to buy salt with that coin and to keep it forever for good luck. But I was also told to keep the coin forever. Turn it into a jewelry. Do whatever. But I’m just going to keep the coin.


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