More construction pictures of Belsh, and regrets

It’s looking pretty nicely with trees up! Sadly, I won’t be able to see the final product of the center so I’ll have to rely on my friends to take pictures when I’m gone.

I like the look of these photos. The gloomy clouds gave the picture a dramatic look!

During class time, I was invited for a coffee session with some female students. We discussed about their future, America, the type of men they’re attracted to-gentlemen (sad but true but they think some Albanian men aren’t all that attractive due to poor behavior and lack of education), their parents’ life, and staying in touch. I showed them traditional Vietnamese dress “Ao dai”. They’re actually curious about Vietnam! I appreciated them for being open and culturally curious!

They were sad to hear that I’m leaving soon. It’s a pity that I got to know them for a short time. I’ve only taught two classes with these girls because they have a different English teacher. I felt connected with them and see that they are intelligent and determined on their education. I think these girls will rule Albania, seeing how they are well educated, but that’s because they’re sheltered and study a lot! I regret not getting to work with them more because I know they could make a big difference in the community if I get involve with them more.

After cleaning out my closet, I’m starting to see my students dressed in my clothes. I felt excited because they really looked really nice in it. They like how it is simple and they’ll totally remember me FOREVER! One girl wore my pants and it looked really awesome on her. Not to mention, these girls lives in the village so I definitely helped them a lot!

These pants were my personal favorite plaid pants. I used to go to shows and wore combat boots with them. Now, I passed it on to a girl who actually looked good in it. I can no longer fit in them. I’m glad it’s finally in good hands.



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