Why do you do what you do?

This is my final project with the high school students. I asked them to write down their answers on a white sheet of paper or on my handmade white board, and then take a photo of them. I had my little exhibit inside my classroom because it’s a bad idea to present it out the hallway due to bad kids who loves disrespecting school property.

So here are a few snap shots of students looking at the photos of students holding their sign. Their thoughts were:

“I’ve never seen something like this before!”


“It’s beautiful!”

I like to get reaction from students. They enjoyed looking at the photos. It’s different.

Why did I do this? I was inspired by this concept from wdydwyd.com because it let’s me understand what people are thinking and they all have different stories to tell behind that. It’s also fun thing to take photos and watch students being creative as they write their thoughts. I want students to be part of this because I want them to get acknowledged by their peers and teachers. Some have self-esteem problem and I thought this would be a nice way to present them in a positive light. I also hope that my creativity that I’ve shown them in the past two years of my service brings them inspiration, or at least have a cool story to tell to friends and family…of course they took pictures to prove that IT HAPPENED!

What struck me most was a student holding a sign with broken English, incorrect spelling and grammar BUT that doesn’t matter.  At least I get the point what she meant. What mattered to me was that she put herself out there and did her best, trying to break out of her shell, and that’s what struck me, even though her English was written poorly but she gave it her best shot. Pun intended. Many of the students were shy to take photos, fear of getting made fun of but I do not allow that around me. Many of them from my photos lives in the village and they are trying to have a better life for them and their family. Education is important. Learning how to speak English will open more opportunities for them. So I did my best to help them as much as I can and open their mind. This exhibit is only viewed inside the school.

Also, Kate, if you’re reading this, HI!!! And thanks again for this fun idea! 🙂



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