About Me!

What is this?  Now you know, I am a Peace Corps Volunteer in Albania! Join me in my 27-months adventure! I’m recording my mundane life during my service so potential PC applicants can see what my life is like as a PCV in Albania. This blog will include my experience, tips, and Albanian phrases. This blog heavily focus on a small town called, Belsh. If you are assigned in Belsh as a “PC trainee”, take a lookie of this blog to get familiarized of the town!

I make one-minute video clips called “BYREK ME AYDAH”,  while in Albania. Click here to see my YouTube channel!  It shows different things in the country whether it’s at a PCV’s work place, cultural events, places, and people. This channel shows insights of Albania. Don’t worry, I will post pictures too!

Why did I join the Peace Corps? It’s my dream to join the Peace Corps and my desire to help third world countries. I’ve been wanting this since I was a child. What do I want to get out of this? I want an awesome experience, to create NGO in a developing country, and stories to tell my non-existent grand-children. Plain and simple. ‘Nuff said.

What do you want to know about me? I am a traveler, teacher and a translator. I have college degrees in German and Russian Language, and Political Science. I lived and studied in Russia, Germany and South Korea. I taught English in Russia. I also taught French, ESL and Russian in my hometown. I worked for AmeriCorps VISTA: Reading Corps as a Reading Tutor. I enjoyed helping children learning how to read.My favorite TV shows are Doctor Who (David Tennant), Vikings, Salem, and The Walking Dead. I travel with my little rodent named, Snippy Meme. I dislike Kanye West. I find solace in teaching English, watching TV shows, learning different things, and TRAVEL.

Coming from strict Asian parenting, I was sheltered most of my childhood, not having a lot of friends except language books. When I was nine years old, I picked up a Russian phrase book and learned the Cyrillic alphabets. I was really curious what life was like in Russia and the Russian language. When I learned the Cyrillic alphabets, I had no idea that this one book was going to change the course of my life forever and in such a major way.

I made a bold decision to travel alone when I hit college. Despite of my mom and sister’s disapproval and being un-supportive with my decision, I supported myself by saving up my money, packed up my bags and traveled. They finally accepted that this is what I want to do and I am happy with my lifestyle.

I really had no idea that one small phrase book can lead me somewhere! This is who I am today, as a traveler, translator, and a language instructor!

What do others think of me? I am Asian who is terrible at math but being a polyglot makes up for that shame!

Why the blog name “adashqip”? I like to play with words. I use “-shqip” as a suffix, like “membership”, “friendship”. So when I add my name together with “shqip”, I get “Adashqip”. It is cheesy but I keep it simple.

Disclaimer: The contents of this web site are mine personally and do not reflect any position of the U. S. Government or the Peace Corps.

3 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Wow, what an interesting background you have! My name is Michelle, and I was one of the PC Blog It Home contest winners a couple years ago. I’d like to invite you to a six-week Blog Challenge I’m hosting to help PCVs “level up” their Third Goal blogs in the New Year. This is “phase one” for an online project I’m working on with the aim of helping bloggers to promote cross-cultural understanding. I’d be honored if you would visit my new site: http://BloggingAbroad.org, watch the video (or read the transcript if loading videos is a challenge), and sign up to join the adventure in blogging. Take care and happy blogging! Michelle


  2. Hi Ada,
    Found your blog randomly, i am also asian trying to learn albanian just wondering if you could share some material that you use to learn albanian. Your words of the day has helped me so much so far too.
    Faleminderit shume.


    1. Hi Jo! Sorry for the late reply! My strategy on learning Albanian is to have passion, dedication, and make it fun. I watch American movies and cartoons in albanian dubbed (to help with listening), and watch movies with albanian subtitles (to help with reading and expanding vocabularies). The key is to make it fun! I have a passion in learning Albanian language so it helps to learn the language better. I also make sticky notes and label things around my house in albanian. I also make multiple posters of vocabularies and post them around my house to learn the words wherever I go, work out, eating, or even dry my hair and just stare at these posters. As for speaking, I live in Albania, so I practice speaking. My students are albanian so I also learn new words and idioms from them. My albanian is not perfect but I am practicing with the locals and hopefully it brings the message across to them. I’m really glad that these words of the day helped you a lot! 🙂


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