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Christmas in Sami Frasheri high school!

I want to give this classroom a holiday spirit. I hope students get the feel of Christmas when they enter the classroom. To show that I appreciate them, I posted pictures of some students on felt sheets in a shape of a Christmas tree. I also made Christmas birthday cards to let them know that I acknowledge their existence and to sing Happy Birthday with their classmates! Students love looking at these! I introduced them to Snoopy and Woodstock.


Put shoes out! and X-mas door decoration

At Sami Frasheri high school, we did a fun activity for Saint Nicholas Day. Students were asked to take one of their shoe off and placed them outside the hallway. I explained that Santa Claus will put something in their shoes. At first, students were reluctant because of the odor and the dirt on the cement floor. I had to get my counterpart to persuade them to participate. Personally, I thought this was a quick and fun thing to do and I wanted everyone to take part of this.  This is something they can talk about to their friends and family at home. The students were persuaded and handed me their shoes to put outside the classroom. I told the students that I’m done for the day and going to Elbasan. Really though, I was putting some candies and stickers inside their shoes. There was a random student in the hallway to do the job for me while I captured some shots.

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Mini project: I am thankful for…

I made a mini Thanksgiving project with a help from my counterpart. I used posters, glue, and post-it notes. I want my students to get involve with this project by writing down their thoughts on the post-it notes. Everyone is different and unique so I want them to contribute their thoughts. I want them to feel inclusive and valued because it is important for them to feel like they belong in this. Without them, this would not have happened. It’s a beautiful team work! I asked them to think about what they are thankful for and why. Of course the project must be written in English! Many post-it notes have mistakes and some struggle to write anything in English. However, they’re still fun and cute to look at.


A student brought a pumpkin to the classroom! Apparently she has a small pumpkin farm! There will be a pumpkin carve in the near future before Halloween! I’m excited to make this as Belsh’s first Halloween.


What can you eat with a pumpkin in Albania? There is a Byrek Me Kungull, which is a pumpkin pie pastry. Very few cities make this because it is not popular as Byrek Me Gjiz (cheese curds pie)

kungull – pumpkin

Reflection: First day of school

I have more classes to teach, that means more work. Luckily, I have a strong counterpart to help me.

For some classes, students were happy to see me. I was pleased to see them. It made me happy. I asked students what they did over the summer and reviewed their alphabets. Many students forgot to speak English or they’re shy. There was another group of class that I haven’t worked with, so we played Monsters, Inc on their first day of class. From what I was told, they are weak because their previous English teacher wasn’t effective.

I decorated the front door. Nice and glittery. A little ghetto but I want to make it look welcoming.

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The power of 4 and Easter Eggs

Why did I come up with this name? What’s the meaning behind this? What’s the number 4?

In Albanian grading system, the marks are shown as numbers. 10 is equivalent to A+ or 100% and 4 is equivalent to failing or 50%. Why isn’t there 3,2 or 1?? Well, according to some teachers who lived in communist days, they did use numbers that goes lower than 4, but nowadays, it’s just 4. 5 is barely passing, equivalent to a D. So why did I come up with the entry blog “The power of 4”? My counterpart is giving me the power to use the register (record book-contains list of students in a particular class group with their home teacher, their grades and subjects, it is forbidden for students to touch the record book). Students misbehave when I’m the only one teaching the classroom. So I’m given the power to write down 4s, on the book, next to their names if they’re being bad. Continue reading “The power of 4 and Easter Eggs”