I am a 10 because…

Boosting students’ self-esteem is important. In class, we discussed the difference between compliments and flattery. Then, I gave each students a compliment starting with “You are a 10 because….”. I told one student “Leidi, you are a 10 because you have a nice engagement ring”. I told another student that she looks beautiful today. I told a male student he’s lookin’ SWAG! I told another student that he’s the best soccer player, and so on. Then, I asked students to compliment each other. Although they seem shy, they also felt nice receiving compliments. Funny part was, students were afraid to compliment me! Overall, it was fun!

Then, I asked students to write good thing about themselves on a table cloth. Students gathered around reading other students’ compliment from different classes. It’s nice to see that they are learning about each other.

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Albanian phrases!

buzë viç – calf lips (in English, we call it duck face, but in albanian, they’re calf-lips)


T’hëngsha zemrën  -I want to eat your heart (another way of saying “I love you”, this sort of speech is used by lower level, not a very educated person; you can use this if you want to get laugh at.)

E ke buzën si trëndafil – Your lips are like a rose (this is a casual, good connotation; use if you like the person)

aty për aty – a little hard, a little easy (when you’re asking someone how was the test, or the assignment, or etc, they respond with “a little hard, a little easy”)


On St. Patrick’s Day, I told my counterpart to pinch students who weren’t wearing green. At the beginning of class, we started pinching students without green. One student pinched me but I told her I have green shoes, so I can’t be pinched. Then I told them the Irish holiday. There were also trainees from the new group who came to observe our class. It’s funny they got to see this.

After observation, a professor from International University of Struga came to our school for the first time. He was talking about the programs from the university to get students interested. It would be nice if they study there so they can see Macedonia.

Summer’s Day is coming!

Dita e Veres aka “Summer’s Day” is an ancient festival from Elbasan, eventually became a national holiday. You’ll find mimosas, garlands, and BALLOKUME during this time.


It’s Ballokume season. People are selling them everywhere from 80-100 NEW leke. You can only find them during this time of year. I heard they’re a pain to make. What are they? They’re these oversized Albanian biscuits that’ll pretty much make you fat in Spring. They’re made out of sugar, butter, corn flour and lots of eggs. SEVEN.


Elbasan city is setting up the stage. Singers and traditional dancers from different parts of Albania will come to perform here. I really hope that it doesn’t rain during this week because that would be a s****y thing to happen for everyone.