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Nevruz: Lekë from my byrek

The highlight of my night was picking the byrek with the lekë. It is a tradition that one who picks the byrek with a coin inside will be lucky for a year. LUCKILY, I was lucky to get my coin.


My friend invited me to her house and to let me experience Nevruz with her and her family. I was ecstatic and her family was super nice and excited to meet an American, me. Her family was AWESOME! AWESOME! AWESOME! I LOVE HER MOM!

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Y U NO meme

Every time I buy a byrek, it’s always floppy and stuff goes all over the place. It’s annoying and messy!

What is a byrek? It’s a sutffed pie. There are all sort of different kinds. The most common kinds are meat, spinach, and cheese curds. There are other ones but not as common such as potatoe byrek, tomatoe and onions, eggs with cheese curds, greens, beans, and so on.

I like eating my byrek with Sriracha sauce because Sriracha is a gift from God and I used Sriracha three times in a sentence. Most Albanians can’t survive eating spicy things, so watching me (because I’m a fascinating humanoid) eating a byrek with Sriracha sauce is the most intriguing thing in the world to them.