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Rice Krispies

I’m telling a friend how to make rice krispies so she can do it herself when I’m gone. There are a few things that she needs to know where to get these ingredients and how to make them. Getting these ingredients is not easily accessible, except in Tirana, so making from scratch is the only way for her to make these

Rice Krispies cereal can be found at a store called “Neranxi”. The tricky part for her is to obtain marshmallows. The only brand available, and if the store has them in stock, is Haribo. It’s tasteless. I highly doubt Albanians would eat marshmallows in general. Then I let her know to melt the marshmallows in low heat. To add flavor while melting the marshmallow, I gave her a bottle of Vanilla extract to enhance flavor. The first time she made it was a mistake but in the end, it was edible. It was her first attempt but I’m proud of her!